Faux Wood Beams for the Dining Room

Eric, one of our recent customers from Clovis, California shared their home improvement project with us that featured our faux wood beams. Though the customer’s ceiling is not extremely high, it is the perfect area for the addition of beams. Before the beams were installed, the room looked quite plain. Since their addition, there is more depth to the room and it beautifully contrasts the colors of the cabinetry.

Our faux wood ceiling beams are an amazing investment, providing an exquisite look to your home interiors. They are not susceptible to common issues of organic wood such as rot, termites and warping so maintenance is virtually zero. Additionally, these beams are lightweight, so installing them on one’s ceiling is a breeze! Finally, the beams are cost effective in the end. They are 2-3 times more affordable, all the while having beams that are indistinguishable from real wood.

If you are considering purchasing your own faux wood beam, check out the full collection via the link below!