Screw Products Inc. SP-FHD14234

14-20 x 2 3/4" Remer Tek Wood to Steel "Star Drive" Screws / 1000 count

by Screw Products Inc.
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Item No.: SP-FHD14234
  • White Zinc Coated over heat treated hardened steel
  • Star Drive Recess reduces camout and end load, handles twice the torque of Phillips or square drive, eliminates spinning and fastener damage, and gives better bit life.
  • Reamer Wings drill through wood and automatically snap off when they encounter steel or aluminum
  • Self-Drilling #3 or #4 Point
  • Shank Slot holds steel shavings from the screw’s drill action and prevents them from interfering with the screw threads as they tap into steel
  • Any wood to steel application up to 1/4" thick steel with no pre drilling

Product Overview

Reamer Tek Wood to Steel screws are White Zinc Coated. For specialized applications specifically fastening wood to steel or aluminum. They have an advanced design that makes even the hardest jobs accomplished in less time, less money and less fatigue! Self-drilling wings will break off once they reach contact with steel or Aluminum. Milled with heat treated hardened steel! Ideal For Truck beds, Trailer decks / beds, Horse trailers, Snowmobile trailers, 4wheeler trailers and more!

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