Screw Products Inc. SP-CD134W

#9 x 1 3/4" C-Deck Facia, Fencing & Railing ACQ compatible "Star Drive" Composite Screws - White- 3500 count

by Screw Products Inc.
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Item No.: SP-CD134W
  • Redesigned to handle even the toughest new composite boards produced today!
  • Starts Easily And Drives With Less Torque
  • Excellent For All Decking Applications
  • Leaves A Smooth, Flush, Countersunk Finish
  • Coated & Stainless Steel Versions Available
  • Performs In All PVC, Composites and Wood!

Product Overview

C-Deck Star Drive Fascia Screws are for use with fascia, fencing and railing applications. Stocked in 5 colors, red, tan, gray, brown and recently added- white. Our coating is treated lumber compatible. These screws feature a #9 x 1-3/4” length, have reverse threads to eliminate most composite mushrooming, quick starting point and their deep wide sharp threads provide the maximum holding power.

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