Screw Products Inc. SP-CCTX-38800100

3/8" x 8" Bronze Star Exterior Construction Lag Screws - 100 count

by Screw Products Inc.
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Item No.: SP-CCTX-38800100
  • Built On Round Washer Head
  • Knurled Shoulder
  • Notched Threads
  • Type 17 Point
  • Pressure Treated Compatible Coating
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Product Overview

Our Construction Lag Screws are stronger and more durable than ordinary lag screws! The built-on round washer head gives a neat, fi nished appearance. Our triple dipped Bronze Star coating has shown over 1200 hours of corrosion resistance in treated lumber and salt spray tests! Our lags provide virtually no end load, reducing worker fatigue by the ease of drive, deep sharp threads, no pre-drilling and more! Great for ledger boards, heavy timber construction, rigid foam insulation panels, post and beam and more!

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