Michael Healy Designs MHDOG06

3"W x 4"D x 4"H Michael Healy Beagle Door Knocker, Bronze

by Michael Healy Designs
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Item No.: MHDOG06

Quick Overview

The Beagle Dog Knocker was designed by Michael Healy, an accomplished Rhode Island artisan known for his Unique Door Knockers. Michael has always enjoyed the company of dogs and appreciates how important they are for their owners. John, Michael's pattern-maker and friend, has worked in Michael's foundry for the past 20 years. Michael has always been entertained by John's stories about Buster, his Beagle. In recognition of the importance of Buster in his friend's life, Michael has created the Beagle Dog Knocker to be placed on John's front door.
  • Artfully desgined with unique and whimsical details
  • Crafted from the finest metals
  • Adds a unique look to your door
  • Screws and fasteners are included
  • Mounts to most wood, metal, and fiberglass doors
  • The perfect gift for friends or family

Product Overview

All Michael Healy Door Knockers and Doorbell Ringers are cast in Solid Brass, Bronze, or Nickel Silver. Occasionally, a combination of these metals is used to add highlights and depth to a particular design.

Michael's original Door Knockers were cast in solid brass and bronze. In response to the expansion of both antique and contemporary finishes used in door hardware, the line was recently expanded to include Oiled Bronze and Nickel Silver designs.

Each Door Knocker receives a baked polyurethane coating or a statuary lacquer before leaving production. Similar to the protective finish used on cars, these coatings provide a shield against the elements. All of the alloys used by Michael Healy are ideal for outdoor use, allowing you to base your selection on personal preference alone.

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