HB&G HB911011

121"W x 28"D x 9 1/8"H Trellis

by HB&G
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Item No.: HB911011
  • Easy to assemble and install, usually in just a few hours.
  • All Hardware Included
  • Lightweight and Very Strong
  • Low or No Maintenance
  • FedEx Shipments
  • Custom Colors Available

Product Overview

Trellises (also known as an Eyebrow or Wall Trellis) are decorative accents that transform the plan area located above garage doors to one of style and beauty. Give your home an extreme makeover!

These decorative accents come in kits.

Our pultruded fiberglass structures offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty and will never rot, warp or twist. Compared to traditional materials, fiberglass components offer a uniform appearance that lasts for years. Fiberglass beams can span longer distances than wood or vinyl. Unlike wood, their high strength-to-weight ratio keeps them from sagging under their own weight. Unlike vinyl, they are unaffected by variations in temperature and will not sag in hot climates. Pound for pound, our light weight fiberglass-reinforced components are stronger than steel. This allows for quick and easy installation without the need for cranes or large crews. Fiberglass-reinforced composites are naturally corrosion resistant. They will not rust, corrode, or pit in external applications.

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