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14 1/8"W x 6 1/2"H x 2 3/4"P x 5"IH Capital Ionic Pilaster Extra Large for 7" Column, Red Oak

by Enkeboll Designs Enkeboll Designs Enkeboll Designs*
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Item No.: CPL-IP4RO
  • Authentic, US made, Premier Enkeboll carving
  • Original designs add elegant beauty for kitchens, baths, and more
  • The "Gold Standard" in architectural wood carving
  • Made from sustainable resources
  • Crafted using the finest North American hard woods
  • Carefully selected for the clearest color and grain match

Product Overview

Our wood columns enhance your home with the natural warmth and texture of wood. Our selection includes beautifully carved capitols that give our wood pilasters authentic detail. The Ionic Pilaster Capitol in Oak is a classical accent for modern times. We invite you to take a closer look. The capitol is carved with curling volutes accented by egg and dart and a floral motif. We offer the Ionic Pilaster Capitol solid Oak. At once aesthetically effective and durably crafted with detail, depth, quality and precision, the Ionic Pilaster Capitol enhances your decor with exquisite detail. It is available in several sizes, widths and heights for an ideal fit and appearance. Each Ionic Pilaster Capitol is delivered to you ready for finishing.

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