Fypon, Ltd. DOME47

53 1/2-Inch OD x 47 1/4-Inch ID x 10 1/4-Inch D Talor Recessed Ceiling Dome - Round, Urethane

by Fypon, Ltd.
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Item No.: DOME47
  • Historically accurate details
  • Blends beautifully with many styles
  • Fully primed and ready to be painted
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Lightweight product to ease installation
  • Exceptional elegance, exceptionally well priced
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Product Overview

A ceiling dome is a halved spherical structure, with a concave interior that generally extends up and into the ceiling. In a sense, a dome is a series of arches rotated around the vertical axis. In itself, a dome is structurally sound and strong, however, much larger ceiling domes exert much force around their perimeters, requiring extra support with the wall. A ceiling dome can encompass an entire ceiling or it can simply span a small space, and while the ceiling dome works well on its own, it can prove a focal point for ambient lighting, and hanging objects. Today's contemporary ceiling domes are inspired by a rich architectural history. The first domes were of simple design and appeared in the Mediterranean, Middle East, and India. The Romans advanced the construction of domes on a larger scale. A fine example is seen in the Greek Pantheon. Byzantine architects developed the dome further, and inspired both Islamic and Italian Renaissance architects. Renaissance architects raised stunning multi-layered domes, and domes decorated with religious frescoes. A saucer dome is named as such because it has the appearance of a shallow saucer when viewed from bellow. Saucer ceiling domes are low-pitched in terms of depth. Elliptical domes, named for their elliptical bases, are less c(more...)

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