Bahama Shutters & Bermuda Shutters

Aluminum shutters are a simple, inexpensive way to add a beautiful bahama shutter to your home. Each aluminum shutter is hand crafted and fully finished for clean and beautiful finished product.

Wood shutters speak of tradition and authenticity.  If historical accuracy, or the desire to stain shutters, are your passions, wood shutters are your solution.

If freedom from maintenance, architectural accuracy, and pre-finished is your choice, there is no other shutter than our Premium Shutters.  Fully warranted and fully finished.  Your best solution for your project.

With all the great benefits of our Premium Shutters we also offer a Storm Rated shutter. These shutters have been fully tested and meet the requirements for ASTM E330, ASTM E1886 and ASTM E1996. If you need storm rating, this is your shutter.

Comparisons of available shutter materials

Available Sizes & Styles        
Stock Sizes -- -- -- --
Custom Sizes
Number of Styles 1 1 3 1
Installation Options        
Non-Operable Installation
Operable Installation Available
Hardware Included        
Non-Operable Hardware Included -- -- -- --
Operable Hardware Included --
Finish Options        
Pre-Finished in a Variety of Colors --
Can be Painted
Can be Stained -- -- --
1 Year Material & Construction Warranty
3 Year Material & Construction Warranty --
Lifetime Material, Construction, & Finish Warranty --
Storm Rating Available        
  -- -- --